Alan Wake Remastered Performance Analysis.

Rejuvenated after a decade. A lot of classic games have been remade and remastered already. After Crysis and Mafia, Alan Wake gets a major face-lift. We conduct our performance analysis to determine the system requirements.

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Remedy Entertainment has a knack for unconventional, if not outright crazy, games. While the ability to slow down time in Max Payne was probably inspired by Matrix, Quantum Break introduced rather unique time manipulation mechanics. One of the latest titles from the developer is Control, which focuses on supernatural phenomena and grants players supernatural abilities.

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Alan Wake was one of the first titles for which we did a performance analysis. All in all, Alan Wake left a very good impression, what with its great storytelling and remarkable protagonist. The third-person title deals with the trials and tribulations of a horror fiction writer who, just like the player, is not always sure what is real and what is not.

Light plays a very important role in Alan Wake, both visually and gameplay-wise. For instance, the light beam from the flashlight was impressive back then and it looks impressive today, as well.

While the main campaign often takes players into secluded places, Alan Wake manages to maintain a dark and gloomy atmosphere all throughout, thanks to creative storytelling.

In the light of day, the remastered version looks good. However, the aging engine does not always manage to pull off a modern presentation when it comes to face animations, polygon counts, etc. The reworked textures look solid, though. Light physics and the slick effects (for example, the slowdown of time when firing the flaregun) are the main highlights of the title.

Unfortunately, the remastered version does not appear to be completely finished. We ran into graphics glitches and crashes during our benchmarks (with GPUs with less than 6 GB of VRAM at 4K).

The remaster inherits a few gameplay weaknesses from the original. PC controls are not that tight. Moreover, the game can get a bit repetitive over time.

The graphics menu was reworked when compared to the original. While some settings are missing, new settings were added. Alan Wake now features support for DLSS, which only works with certain Nvidia GPUs. The resolution scaling setting is also a new addition (Note: problems may arise when changing graphics settings with resolution scaling enabled).

In the expanded menu, there are graphics presets which affect the anti-aliasing (TAA, FXAA, MSAA), anisotropic filtering, three visual settings, and the draw distance. Players can also create a custom graphics profile. Positive: graphics settings can be changed without a restart.

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